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9 Footlong Hole

                                                                                                                                                                                February 4 , 2017

Another Saturday comes another Privy, I hope. We get to the spot we were last week and we were going to dig a deep Brickliner but unfortunately Bill had to work so we weren't going to dig it without him. So me and Buddy set out to find another one on the same lot and we hit a spot that kept gaining area. 5 feet long , 6 feet , 7, 8, and about 12 feet across we said wow ! lets get started on this big sucker. here's what happened.

Here is where we probed the massive hole. It looked like we were going to never get done with this one unless we called somebody to help .

At the top of the hole we find a Browns Iron Bitters and not shown a couple of Memphis Hutches - C.J.Hargan , Coan & Harbin. Then going in down a bit , a Jaques Chemical Works a A. Renkert Memphis Druggist / Medicine.

A large size Robinson Apothecary - Memphis

A nice little medicine bottle

What will this be ? It sure looks like a bitters to me ! It is but we sure wanted it to be a rare one, although I guess we'll have to settle with this Dr.Hostetters . We finally figured out that we were going to have to called our old buddy Tommy.
A Trommer Extract Bottle in the Privy wall.

And he showed up just in the nick of time ! Just as we were digging up this nice Pint Size Coffin Flask !

And right away we threw him in the hole not necessarily because we wanted him to get his greety little hands on the bottles first but because heck, we were tired ! And he pulls up a J.Cristadoro Liquid Hair Dye No. 1

A glass Breast Pump without the squeezer

A sweet little Turtle Ink !

Buddy down in the hole with his buddy - A Black Glass Ale !

A nice Vinegar

Tommy holding this scarce 8" Mansfield & Higbee Memphis 

2 Black Glass Ales & a Tarrant Druggist

A Quart Size Flask. Ended up being very nice !

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