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Double Eagle Flask

                                                                                                                                                                                 January 28, 2017

Well, back to a spot that we were at last week and to no avail, we had to leave and go somewhere else and I'm glad we did because as soon as we got there we found a nice Privy . At first we thought that it was going to be shallow but I'm getting ahead of myself ....

The first bottle was a big medicine, although unembossed, it had nice character.

Alright ! A nice John C. Baker Cod Liver Bottle !

Bill just before digging this,

L&N&GSRR Globe for RR Lantern

                                   John C.Baker / Cod Liver Oil

Ooh ! What a nice jug.  You can't tell by the picture but the color of this jug was nicely peculiar.

Great little half gallon jug.

Bill pulls a nice Austrian Mineral Water.

And then a rare Hessen & Co  Druggist !
Oh yeah, a Cathedral Pepper Sauce

Hey Buddy ! What choo got there Bouy ? Oh, just a Double Eagle Flask. - Pass it up please !

Also this half barrel (unfortunately it had a hole in it).

Buddy getting down in the wood liner and sends up a Hostetters Bitters.

Nice Black Glass Ale ! Black Glass Yellow Olive (mostly yellow), Sweet !

Here's some of the bottles that we found. This Privy ended up going 15 / 16' deep. A far cry from what we thought it was going to be. Stay tuned for next week , we have a great brick liner coming !

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